Eihab Matouq Hala

Eihab Matouq Hala Freelancer

contributor Leader in professional services , transforming clientsbusiness, operating and technology models for the digital era.

My unique industry-based, consultative approach helps many of the best-known organizations in Middle East regioan in every industry build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

Put simply, I help clients get digital done with the scale needed to transform their complex organizations to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities the latest technologies make possible, and the speed expected by their customers, partners .

Internet Of Things

Smart products and solutions fueled by IoT and the arrival of 5G will soon touch every aspect of our lives. Cognizant makes IoT real by helping companies develop a strategy and approach to implement integrated digital initiatives and ecosystems that deliver value at every step

Accelerate your AI journey with Cognizant. We use Evolutionary AI to model every aspect of a business to solve for multi-objective outcomes in even the most complex conditions

At Cognizant, we help companies deploy cloud within their digital transformation journeys to meet their business objectives and drive growth

Cognizant’s customer-centric approach to digital engineering leverages speed, scale and a digital DNA culture to deliver experience

Since I manage most unequal recession issues of modern history caused by COVID-19, I realize that these adverse effects are triggering systemic barriers that have long prevented many from gaining equal opportunities in the quality education, training, and employment opportunities required to achieve stability and economic transition.
I’m committed to removing those barriers

Nearly two-thirds of all new jobs created across the globe over the past ten years require high to medium-level digital skills.
I believe that the key to economic mobility does not rely solely on finding a better career but also on education, foundational proficiencies, training, and networking support to succeed in this job.